Uhuru Watches

The spirit of Africa, the freedom to go anywhere.

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Uhuru Watches

Uhuru Watches is the creation of Nick Warner, a South African living in New Zealand making watches in Hong Kong. Uhuru is truly global yet still proudly rooted in a South African identity. We want to make watches that celebrate our roots and share that passion with the world. From Durban to Nairobi and Paris to Houston, Uhuru Watches are worn by discerning watch fans the world over. 

Impi Automatic

Uhuru Watches brought the Impi Automatic to life on Kickstarter in 2014 successfully raising over $22,000 NZD. 

An impi is a Zulu warrior, armed with an assegai spear and a large cowhide shield. The curves of the case and the strap design of the Impi Automatic draw on the shapes and textures of the shield. The assegai can be found in the shape of the spearhead hands.


Ukhozi Pilot

The latest offering from Uhuru Watches is the Ukhozi Pilot, coming to Kickstarter in 2016. You can follow the progress on our blog.

The Ukhozi Pilot

The sky is calling for the eagles to take wing.

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The Impi Automatic

The ultimate statement piece, with a distinctive African styling.

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