It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since the last post! So whats going on?

Ukhozi Pilot

Well, the Ukhozi prototypes arrived near the end of May and everything looked good. You may have seen photos on Facebook of the various versions. I had an overseas trip planned for June so I was planning to get stuck into promoting and prepping the campaign when I got back, aiming for an August start. Well, as life often does, I got thrown off course with a career change thats left me with little time to focus on prepping for a launch. The Ukhozi is going to need to sell twice as many as the Impi did and raise substantially more money to finance production. Given the increased difficulty of generating interest in crowdfunding campaigns, I’m at bit of a loss as to what to do.

At present the project is still live but it’s probably better to describe it as on temporary hiatus until I can either commit the time to running a campaign, find a financial backer or work out a pre-order system. In the meantime enjoy some interactive 360 degree photos of the Ukhozi Pilot (click and drag to view in 360).


The Kwezinkanyezi (Starlight) Dial

The Isinyenyela (Stealth) Dial

The Kunonyezi (Moonlight) Dial

The Izimpaphe (Plumage) Dial with Black Leather Strap

The Izimpaphe (Plumage) dial

Impi Automatic

We sold the last of the production run a few weeks ago and the Impi is now sold out! I’m really pleased that it has been so well received. Now the only way to get one is on the second hand market so keep an eye out on the sales forums if you want one. There’s no plans for another production run at this stage as the Impi was always intended to become something of a collectors item. That said, there is a little suprise on the way regarding the Impi. I’ve got a new design in the wings but after that one I might revisit the Impi and do an updated version.

That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll have some better Uhkozi news in the not too distant future.